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Death Duties In Australia!

Inheritance Tax, commonly referred to as “death duties”, has not applied in Australia since 1981. Despite abolishing Inheritance Tax, there are still a number of taxes, that may impact on you if you receive an inheritance from a deceased Estate. Capital Gains Tax  If you inherit shares or real estate then Capital Gains Tax may … Continue reading Death Duties In Australia!

Estate Planning

I’m interested in finding out more about Estate Planning. Is this something that can be discussed when I see my lawyer to make a Will, or do I need to see my accountant as it involves financials? Estate Planning is definitely something that you need to discuss with your Lawyer, even before you consider making … Continue reading Estate Planning

The Guardianship Tribunal

The Guardianship Tribunal are for people who are planning for their future, they will generally understand the need to have an Enduring Power of Attorney in the event that, they are unable to make financial decisions. However, often people do not consider who, or how, decisions about their lifestyle will be made for them in … Continue reading The Guardianship Tribunal