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The Guardianship Tribunal

The Guardianship Tribunal are for people who are planning for their future, they will generally understand the need to have an Enduring Power of Attorney in the event that, they are unable to make financial decisions. However, often people do not consider who, or how, decisions about their lifestyle will be made for them in … Continue reading The Guardianship Tribunal

Managing Your Estate

When you die, someone will have to manage your estate, take charge of the assets and divide them as your will or if there is no will, as the law provides. If you have a Will, that person will be named in the Will, and is known as your Executor. If you do not have … Continue reading Managing Your Estate

The Will looks Fraudulent

Fraudulent – If you think that the deceased’s signature on their Will is not theirs, you may be able to challenge the Will on the basis of it being forged. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible if you believe that a signature on a Will has been forged. Time is … Continue reading The Will looks Fraudulent

Special Needs and Your Will

My daughter is severely disabled. How can I ensure she is adequately looked after when we are no longer around? Is there a Special Needs Trust that we can set up in our Will? Special Needs and Your Will – For parents of a child with a severe disability, how to ensure that their child … Continue reading Special Needs and Your Will